Jessica Holt - Continuing Education Student

Dr. Smith,

I was one of your students in your S1 Atlanta course 3 weeks ago.  I am writing to fill you in on how the techniques from that course have already affected my patients and practice.

I had a woman s/p MVA with 6/10 cervical pain.  She had been coming for about 4 weeks with very little improvement.  I decided to try the cervical multifidus "active release" or "MET" technique.  She immediately had a 25% increase in cervical rotation ROM, and her pain decreased to 2/10.  Within a week, she had no pain at all!  It was amazing!  

If you can remember, my goal for the weekend was to be more confident and efficient regarding patients with back/neck pain.  I have honestly used each of the techniques at least once, and have been practicing as much as I can.  While I still need practice, I am happy to report that my goal has been achieved!  I am very grateful for all of your help in honing my manual skills, and am glad I took your class.

Looking forward to taking your S3 course in the future!  

Kind Regards,
Jessica Holt



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